11 Engaging Strategies: How to Write Meta Titles for Product that Maximize CTR

Are your product meta titles still not engaging and you are finding the latest strategies on how to write high clickable product meta titles? Nothing to worry about, our latest blog is here to help you out.

In the world of e-commerce, keeping your store visible and clickable is quite difficult, but what if I told you that you can get these two things together without any trouble? Sounds interesting, right? So why wait? Let’s start this blog with the basics.

Nowadays, grabbing people’s attention is easy, but the majority of people don’t know how to do that. In business language, grabbing people’s attention means that you know how to sell your product to your target audience. According to research, most e-commerce business owners don’t know how to compete with their competitors. So, in this blog, we will teach you how to write a high-clickable product meta titls that grabs user attention and how to stand out from the crowd with these techniques.

Importance of Writing Product Titles in E-Commerce:

In the online shopping world, your product titles are like magic spells that can transform your store’s success. Picture this: you have an amazing store filled with fantastic things, and your product titles are the friendly invites that get people excited to see what you’ve got. Now, let’s dive into two types of these magical titles.

Product Meta Title: A product meta title is like the name tag for your online product. It’s a short and snappy title that tells search engines and customers what your product is all about.

For example, if you’re selling cozy blankets, your meta title could be “Snuggle Up with Comfy Blankets—Xyz brand name 

Product Landing Page Title: A well-written product landing page title is also the main ingredient of your landing page, and it speaks about what your product page is about. Before writing the proud page title, remember that what are the words your audience is searching for on Google about your products?

Note: The optimal length for your product title is between 50 and 70 characters.

For example, if you have a landing page for cozy blankets, the title might be “Explore Our Snuggle-Ready Blanket Collection.”

According to Google, make your product titles short, clear, and accurate. Follow Google’s advice: don’t trick people with misleading information or pack titles with too many keywords. Just give users what they need for a better search experience.”

Basic Elements in Product Titles For Every E-Commerce Business

In this section, we’ll discuss the basic elements you must know while writing high-clickable product titles.

Product name with relevant keywords:

Selecting a product name with relevant keywords is key to ensuring that customers can easily find your product and what you are selling. Let’s simplify this concept. Picture you’re marketing ultra-comfortable earbuds. Instead of labeling “Comfortable Earbuds,” think about a name like “Wireless Earbuds with Noise-Canceling Technology.” In this case, “Wireless Earbuds” and “Noise-Canceling Technology” serve as the relevant keywords of your product, helping potential customers in quickly identifying and understanding the unique features of your product

Key Features with a Brand Name 

Highlight the special features that make your product stand out—whether it’s eco-friendly materials or a reversible design. For instance, if your comfy blanket from the “CozyDreams” brand is ultra-soft with an eco-friendly reversible design, your title could be “CozyDreams Ultra-Soft Snuggle Blanket: Eco-Friendly Reversible Design.” This tells customers both what makes the product special and who the awesome creator is.

Size, Color, and Variants:

Suppose your Bluetooth earbuds come in different sizes, colors, and variants; it’s important to communicate these options clearly in your meta title. For instance, suppose your earbuds come in black with multiple sizes. In that case, your title might be “SonicSounds Black Wireless Earbuds: Customizable Fit in Small, Medium, and Large.” This approach informs potential customers about the color choice and available sizes, allowing them to make a more informed decision before clicking on your product.

Clarity and conciseness:

While naming your Bluetooth earbuds, keep in mind that simplicity is the key. Avoid using fancy words. It won’t grab the customers’ attention; it confuses them. Try to use straightforward language and easy-to-understand language in your product meta title. For example, use “Compact Black Wireless Earbuds” instead of “Technologically Advanced Onyx Audio Pods.” People want to know what you’re selling without needing a dictionary. So, stick to words that everyone can easily comprehend.

Call to Action:

After telling people about your product, it is time to attract them psychologically. For example, I always prefer to say, “Hey, don’t just look—take action!” For instance, if you’re selling that cozy blanket, you might want to say something like, “Snuggle n comfort now—Buy Your CozyDreams Blanket Today!”

So, the call-to-action is like a friendly push, encouraging folks to take the next step, like buying your product. It’s a way of inviting them to be a part of the cozy experience that you’re offering.

Product Titles 

Creating high-conversion product titles is essential for standing out from the crowd and maximizing sales in the competitive online business. Here are some money-making strategies to write product titles that drive high conversions:

Convert Product Highlights into Benefits 

Let’s talk about why a product is awesome for you. Think about it like this: a good product should do something special for you. It could solve a problem, save you time, or make your life more fun.

Solving problems:

  • Imagine you have a super cool gadget that fixes a daily annoyance, like a quick-charging phone stand. No more stressing about a low battery when you need your phone!

So, when we say “highlight benefits,” it’s about shouting out how a product can be a game-changer for you. It’s not just what it is; it’s what it does for you that makes it truly awesome.

Urgency That Gets You Moving:

Imagine you see something you like, and there’s not a lot of it left. That feeling of “I need to decide now!” is what we call urgency. It’s like a little nudge, telling you to act quickly before you miss out.

Using words that create this feeling is a smart move for sellers. Phrases like “Limited Stock” say, “Hey, not much left; grab it!” “Exclusive Offer” gives off that vibe of “This is just for you; don’t wait!”

Include numbers and statistics.

Make your product title stand out by adding numbers and stats. Quantify the benefits to be specific and build trust. For example, instead of just saying, ‘Effective Cleaning Solution,’ say, ‘Achieve 30% Faster Cleaning with Our Powerful Solution.’ It’s about giving clear details and making your product more trustworthy.

Focus on Human Emotion Touch 

Make your customers feel something special by connecting with their emotions. Choose words that bring out positive feelings or solve a problem they care about. Speak to what your customers dream of or want in life. For example, instead of “Efficient Vacuum Cleaner,” try “Simplify Your Cleaning Routine: Get the Ultra-Efficient Vacuum for a Spotless Home.”

Keep an Eye on Competitor Titles

Always check what your competitors are putting in their product titles. This helps you know what’s popular in the industry. Look at what they’re doing and change your titles to stay competitive.

For example, if you see your competitor using phrases like “Limited Edition” and getting a lot of attention, you might want to try something similar to catch the interest of customers.


In conclusion, getting good at writing product titles that make people click is super important in the online shopping world. With the tips we’ve talked about in this guide, you now have some tricks up your sleeve to make titles that catch your attention and make more people buy your stuff.

Don’t forget, it’s not just about saying what the product is. It’s also about showing how it can make someone’s life better. Whether you’re talking about cool features, making people feel like they need to buy now, or using words that touch their hearts, the goal is to connect with your customers and get them to buy.

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