General Info

Shopify is the world’s leading hosted ecommerce provider, and the platform of choice for over 400,000 active global retailers. Sign up for your free 2-week trial today at Shopify.

Arham Commerce is a Themes/Apps designer and developer that creates premium themes and apps for Shopify. We are an official Shopify Partner, and we've been producing some of the most popular premium themes and apps in the Shopify Store since 2018.

Arham Commerce Pricing + Policies

All of our themes are subject to a one-shop license, so if you want to use the same theme in several live shops, you'll need to purchase a separate copy of the theme for each one. You are free to transfer a theme to a different shop of your own if you close the shop you purchased the theme for originally, but you are not permitted to transfer or sell the theme to anyone else.

Since our themes are non-tangible, irrevocable digital goods, all theme purchases are final and non-refundable.

Theme Selection + Setup

Our themes often share common features and styling, but you may want to pay particular attention to the logo placements, the dropdown navigation styling, the layout configuration of the blog and social feeds on the home page, the footer style and whether or not the theme supports a horizontal slideshow in the top banner. View comparison chart here.

Choosing a theme for your shop can be fun, but challenging! Ultimately you'll want to consider the particular needs of your business and brand style, but all of our themes have been used successfully for all kinds of shops. We recommend checking out this support article on Theme Shopping for tips on comparing themes and what details to watch for when choosing between them.

The delivery system for the theme files and the subsequent installation steps will depend on where you purchased the theme from originally (i.e. directly from us on this site, or through the Shopify Theme Store). Please refer to our "How to Install a Theme" article for further details.

You will be able to configure a great many aspects of your theme (incuding fonts, colors, page layouts, images, etc.) from within the Theme Editor, using the theme's built-in settings. We also have many support articles and videos in our extensive Help Center that offer detailed instructions on how to configure and set up each theme.

Theme Support

Our support encompasses general questions about theme functionality, help with configuring the theme settings and any observed bugs or theme issues. It does not cover issues such as errors due to third-party plugins or as a result of modifications made to the theme code. For the full details on the scope of our support, please visit our Support Policy page.

We don't offer phone or video call support at this time. We are able to keep our support services accessible and cost effective by offering them exclusively online instead.

You can get in touch via our Support Email or by filling out our contact form. Please provide key details along with your question, such as which theme you're using and your shop URL (and password too, if the shop is locked).

We aim to provide feedback for all requests within 24 hours, but please allow for 1-2 business days for a response. Our support team is primarily based in the Indian Standard Timezone and is available during standard business hours, Monday to Friday.

General shop questions such as how to upload products, create collections, add discount codes, manage your domains, etc. can be best addressed by contacting Shopify Support directly and/or by reviewing their extensive documentation available in the Shopify Manual.