Shopify Tips Every New Store Owners Need to Know.

When you decide to starting a shopify store you have one vision and for complete that you think about methodical approach and after all your hard work you finally implement  organized checklist. isn’t it correct?

But one of the biggest mistakes new store owners make is involves over-optimizing the wrong things while forgetting a few of the essentials. In this article, we’ll break down the shopify tips that’ll help you master the basics while making sure you’re focusing on the right stuff.

1. Add different payment options

A payment gateway is the most important thing to think about with a shopify store because you want to get paid, right?

There is a right and wrong way to do things. You want to provide enough payment options, so you don’t drive away customers, but you also want to keep things simple and streamlined.

One great idea is to allow sellers to save their payment information by creating an account. This will make them feel like coming back again is worth it. You also want to offer options like Paypal, debit/credit, cryptocurrency, and wire transfer.

2. Mobile friendly

This is no surprise to anyone because more and more people are stepping away from the computer and doing everything on mobile-friendly apps. If your shopify dropshipping store is not designed around the mobile experience, I can almost guarantee you are losing sales.

You need to optimize for mobile-first and make sure your site looks and works incredibly on all devices.

Avoid long blocks of text and make sure you get to the point quickly when someone lands on a product page.

3. Don’t forget refund and money-back

Everyone always looks for your refund and money-back policy. Make sure you offer a generous one, and it is clearly stated all over each product description.

4. Make use of email marketing

Having an email marketing list is one of the most powerful tools in eCommerce. With a list, you can send out targeted messages to specific groups of buyers that address their needs and wants. By appealing to their unique interests, you are speaking their language directly.

To do this, you first need to start collecting people’s information, and most stores do this with a pop-up window or by offering an incentive in exchange for their email. You could offer 10% off in your store if they sign up for your newsletter — something along those lines.

5. Have a thorough “About Us”

Customers love to know that there is someone behind the mask. It’s easy to set up a website and start selling things, but it’s more challenging as a storeowner to make a connection with people. Make sure your “about us” page gives customers an inside look into who you are and what you’re about. This is especially important if you’re using a dropshipping business model.

6. Track everything

The greatest advantage that online stores have over traditional brick-and-mortar is the ability to track every eyeball. Use the great tools you have available to you. Make sure you have the FB Pixel set up properly if you are using paid ads and use Google Analytics to track all your traffic.

7. Utilize video

Throughout your website, you should have video reviews and videos of you with the products you sell. When people see products in action on your dropshipping store, they will be more likely to pull out their wallet.

8. Decrease your steps

Always test your store to see how many steps it takes for someone to get from wanting to purchase to payment authorization. If there is anything you could remove, do it.

Hopefully,with the use of this list you can found success and this list is very useful for scale your growth!

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