Must have Shopify apps for health and beauty stores

In Ecommerce, you can’t sit back and relax – there’s always something new to optimize, something more to do to drive sales.

To help you on this quest, we compiled this list of must have Shopify apps for a successful health, beauty and fitness online store. They might not be the household names, but they work.

While still focusing on health, beauty, and fitness products, customers can also get a unique and entertaining experience with Shopify apps.

We say it because we talk to eCommerce entrepreneurs like you every day.

Take what you don’t have yet and happy selling!

1. Loox Review App

Worried whether or not newcomers see your store as a trustworthy one? This is where Loox comes in.

It allows you to collect reviews from buyers and user-generated content.

What’s even better is that you can later use them on your site, social media, and Google.

Social Proof works wonders when it comes to converting picky customers, so there is no reason for you not to use it.

Loox Review App

2. McAfee Secure

Trust is crucial for Shopify stores and for any online business in general. Visitors will never hand you their money if your store does not look safe.

McAfee Secure Shopify app helps you keep your store safe and turns otherwise worried visitors into buyers. Nowadays, most people are aware and conscious of cyber security.

With McAfee Secure you can:

  • Show McAfee trustmark, which is well-known and will make you more trustworthy
  • Verification page that also boosts your trustworthy and credibility
  • Both are available in over 20 languages

3. Infinite Product Options

Sometimes, visitors want a bit of customization. To win them over with the best experience and ease of placing the custom order, you can use an app like this one. It adds fields to product pages where customers enter custom details – text to be printed, color, engraving, and so on.

4. Quizify – Quiz Builder

Quizify is a quiz form builder that allows e-commerce stores the ability to deliver a personalized, interactive and engaging shopping experience to its customers. Using Quizify you can ask questions to customers and reward them with a discount coupon. This way you will be able to get feedback on your Products, Online Store and what customer looking more from you. You can improve and target ads based on our data and get a higher conversion.

  • Gain more insight on your customer needs and behavior
  • Drive engagement
  • Increase sales and conversion rate
  • Generate Leads
  • Get an email for each response
  • Gain more insight on your customer needs and behavior
  • Fully customize fields, look and feel as well as the layout
  • Create mobile responsive forms that work on any device
arham quizify

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