Important tips of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For your Shopify Store

Whether you’re launching a new product, building a web presence for your retail location, or starting a dropshipping business, when you’re trying to sell online you have an important problem to solve: how do you get customers to find your store? People who find your online store in a search engine are probably looking for products like yours, so they are more likely to buy something. You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the search engine ranking for your store and help customers find your products.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify E-commerce for Your Online Store:
  • Highly flexible and tailor to your specific requirements.
  • Easy backend administration
  • Shopify has lots of built-in tools
  • Advanced e-commerce Platform with fantastic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features.
  • Shopify e-commerce Platform is easy to use with no coding skills required; you automatically save time and money.

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 Following are the  major tips that need to be covered for improving the SEO of your SHOPIFY store:
  • Remove duplicate content from your Shopify store.
  • Create unique page title and write meta descriptions for your pages.
  • Optimize your store images.
  • Link your products page from the home page.
  • Canonical tag and Domain Canonicalization.
  • Add your sitemap.xml to Google Search Console.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Build high-quality backlinks to your Shopify store.
  • Don’t inadvertently neglect to set up 301 redirects for old product pages
  • Install the free Product Review App.
  • Configure the blog feature in your Shopify Platform.
You can optimize your content using some features built in to Shopify:
  • You can edit the title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs for blog posts, webpages, products, and collections.
  • You can edit the alt text for images.
Shopify SEO apps

Shopify apps has made it really easy to sell anything online. There are also many Shopify apps that can help you to grow your revenue using search engine optimization (SEO). These apps are designed to help you improve your store’s visibility so that you can sell your product.

So, if you are a Shopify store owner looking to enhance your SEO efforts, here are the some Shopify SEO apps to consider:

  1. SEO Optimizer ‑ SEO
  2. SEO Doctor
  3. Plug in SEO
  4. Kudobuzz SEO

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