Essential static pages

Essential static pages

Shopify stores come with a page creation tool, which you can use to generate pages containing information that seldom changes, and that customers will use often, such as an  About page or a Contact page. You can add as many pages as you like to your store under Online store > Pages, and configure where they appear under Online store > Navigation.

There are also a few pages like the Cart page that are generated and populated automatically, but which you can customize by navigating to them in the theme editor and finding their section settings.

Create a new page

From your Shopify admin, navigate to  Online store > Pages. Click the Add page button to open a new page template.

Contact page

Adding a contact page to your store is a quick and easy way of engaging your customers. To create a contact page you will first need to create a new page. Scroll to the bottom right of the screen and select from the Template suffix dropdown menu. This will create a simple form on the page that will look a lot like the form above.

If you want to change the language used on this page (or the confirmation page that follows it), you can do so by clicking Theme actions in the bottom left and clicking Edit languages.

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