What is the video section?

The Video section lets customers view videos with sound by clicking on the play icon. You can also add an optional text overlay, which stays on the screen until the video is played.

Using videos is a dynamic approach to showcase promotional and informative content in your store, offering an experience hard to replicate with just images. This can improve the shopping journey for your customers and potentially boost conversion rates.

Video section

How to set up the video section


  • Open the Theme Editor.
  • Click Add section and add a Video section to the page.
  • There are two different methods to choose a video.
    Video upload: Select a video file (e.g. an MP4) hosted on your Shopify store.
    External video: This is a video from an external link and supports YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • After choosing the video source, it’s advisable to use a Custom placeholder image. This image will appear before the video loads, which might be necessary due to slow internet connections, limited browser compatibility, or delayed page loading times.
video settings

Speed considerations

Due to their size, videos take time to load. To maintain optimal performance of the Affection theme, it’s best not to position the Video section at the top of the page. Instead, placing it lower down means the video will load only as it approaches the viewer’s screen, helping to keep the site running smoothly.