Product page

What is the product page?

A meticulously designed product page is pivotal in guiding customers through the discovery and appreciation of your offerings. Serving as the cornerstone of your online presence, it effectively communicates the advantages, features, and unique selling propositions of your products. The Affection theme provides an array of customization options to tailor the layout in alignment with your brand’s essence. Crafting an appealing product page not only boosts conversion rates but also facilitates upselling, strengthens brand recognition, and enhances search engine visibility.

How to set up the product page


  • Navigate to the Shopify admin panel, and proceed to Online Store > Themes > Customize.
  • Use the dropdown menu at the top to select Products, then pick the product template you wish to edit (for example, Default product).
  • Access the Product pages section to modify the product page and product Media settings.
  • Begin customizations by selecting an existing block or add a new block by clicking on Add block and choosing from the available options.


The adjustments made here will affect all products associated with the chosen template, not solely the product currently displayed. To differentiate blocks or sections across various products, consider assigning different templates. For a more customized strategy, employ Shopify metafields to incorporate unique content for individual products.


A wide array of blocks is available for selection to either boost the functionality or augment the aesthetics of the product page. Blocks such as the divider, custom option, text, rich text, link, collapsible tab, custom liquid, inventory level, and product list can be incorporated multiple times as needed. Conversely, all other block types are restricted to a single instance per page.


Color choices can be presented as swatches through the use of custom image files, HTML color codes, or associated variant images. For comprehensive guidance on setting up swatches and selecting the Swatch variant picker style, please consult the Swatches section.

Size chart

Display a link to the size chart beside the size selection option. For additional information, please see the Size Charts section.

Vendor block

The vendor block displays the product’s vendor and automatically creates a link to a page featuring all products from that vendor. Should you wish for this link to direct to a particular collection page instead, ensure the collection page’s handle matches the vendor page handle.

Sharing block

Enable customers to effortlessly share your product links through the sharing block, which offers distinct settings for X (previously known as Twitter), Facebook, and Pinterest.

Complementary products block

Enhance the product form’s functionality by utilizing the Complementary Products block alongside the Search & Discovery app, showcasing a selection of related products.

Modify the block’s heading through the provided text input and set the maximum number of products to display using the range slider.

The algorithm for recommending products to customers is governed not by the theme but by the Shopify platform itself, a standard across all themes. Leverage Shopify’s Search & Discovery app to employ automated recommendations or to curate specific product suggestions.

Inventory level

Displaying the Inventory level serves as an effective method to inform customers about stock availability, fostering a sense of urgency that motivates faster purchasing decisions. This feature is applicable for products whose stock quantities are monitored by Shopify.

Collapsible row block

Utilize collapsible tabs to streamline content and simplify product pages, ensuring key product card information remains visible above the fold.