Collection page

What are collection pages?

A collection page showcases products grouped within a specific collection in the store, simplifying the search process for customers by categorizing items together.

collection page

How to create a collection

A collection page is comprised of two primary components: the collection of products and the collection page template. The latter, once assigned to a collection, facilitates the creation of varied layouts for distinct collections.

Product collections are established in the Shopify admin section under Products > Collections > Create collection. These collections aim to assist customers in locating products based on categories or specific features. For further details, consult the Collections documentation on Shopify’s website.


You can create two kinds of collections: an automated collection, which automatically categorizes products based on predefined conditions, and a manual collection, where products are specifically selected and included on an individual basis.

How to set up a collection page


  • Start by opening the Theme Editor and using the dropdown menu at the top to select Collections, then pick the template you want to use (e.g., Default).
  • Navigate to Collection pages to access the settings for the collection page. Opt to Show collection title if it’s not being replaced by another heading section at the top of the page.
  • To display the collection image behind the title, select the background image option in the collection banner style.
  • Adjust the position of the collection Description to either Below the collection title or Below products. Placing it Below products is beneficial for lengthy descriptions that are not suitable at the top of the page but are important for SEO purposes.

Filter and sort

A key functionality of a collection page is providing customers with the option to filter and sort products within a collection. Various settings available on the collection page enable customization of both the look and the functionality of these features, facilitating a swift and efficient navigation experience for customers seeking specific products.