Mega menu

What is a mega menu?

A mega menu is an expansive navigation tool designed to efficiently categorize and display numerous links and categories, facilitating the organization of complex menu hierarchies. This layout enhances user experience by enabling shoppers to effortlessly locate specific products or collections, potentially improving conversion rates.

The Affection theme incorporates a comprehensive full-width mega menu, enhancing the ease of navigation throughout your storefront. It accommodates both straightforward dropdown options and broader menus that include text and imagery, catering to a variety of navigation preferences.

How to set up a mega menu


  • Initially, form a nested menu within the Shopify admin by navigating to Online Store > Navigation. For further details, consult the guide on setting up drop-down menus.
  • To replicate a mega menu as shown in our examples, construct a Multi-Layer structure. This involves creating heading layer 1, heading layer 2, and then positioning menu links within layer 2.
  • Adhere strictly to this arrangement. Avoid adding only 2 layers to ensure your menu matches the appearance showcased in our demonstrations.

How to set up the menu blocks


  • Begin by launching the Theme Editor and navigating to the Header Group, then enter the Header section.
  • Choose the Add block option and pick from the three available block types: 1) Featured Image, 2) Collection, and 3) Collection List.
  • Utilize the Featured Image to maximize visibility within the browser space. This feature acts as a compact advertisement embedded in the navigation grid, ideal for highlighting new product lines, promotions, or important notices.
  • The Collection block is designed to spotlight specific products, drawing attention to items or ranges you wish to promote actively.
  • With the Collection List, you have the opportunity to craft a visually focused navigation system. This option allows for the selection and display of up to six collections, enabling the creation of an eye-catching and streamlined menu.