About Affection

What is the Affection theme?

The Affection theme by Arham Web Works stands as a landmark achievement in Shopify theme design, embodying elegance, functionality, and unparalleled user experience. Crafted with the diverse needs of contemporary online stores in mind—ranging from fashion and lifestyle to the unique niche of modern furniture—Affection sets a new standard for those aiming to captivate and engage their audience with a sophisticated online presence.

Distinguished by its ability to adapt seamlessly to the distinct aesthetic and functional requirements of a modern furniture store, the Affection theme offers a platform where products are not just displayed but showcased in a manner that highlights their design and quality. It ensures that every piece of furniture is presented in the most appealing way to potential customers, making it an ideal choice for stores that prioritize design and functionality equally.

With its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic, the Affection theme captures the essence of modern furniture design, reflecting the style and quality of the products it is designed to sell. This synergy between theme design and product offering enhances the shopping experience, encouraging customers to explore and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each piece.

Beyond aesthetics, the Affection theme is built on a foundation of cutting-edge performance and mobile optimization. Recognizing the pivotal role of mobile commerce today, it guarantees that your store delivers a flawless shopping experience on any device, thereby reaching a wider audience and potentially increasing sales.

At Arham Web Works, we take pride in supporting our clients through their e-commerce journey. To this end, we provide comprehensive customer support and access to an extensive library of resources. This ensures that store owners can easily customize their theme, manage their online presence, and leverage the full potential of the Affection theme to grow their business.

Embrace the future of e-commerce with Affection. Designed to meet the high standards of today’s online stores, especially those specializing in modern furniture, it promises to elevate your brand and deliver an unmatched shopping experience to your customers.

Try Affection for free

Affection, just like the other premium offerings in the Shopify Theme Store, provides an unrestricted trial period. This allows you to fully explore the theme and get accustomed to its intuitive user experience, designed for ease of use and streamlined setup. During this trial, you have the freedom to adjust and set up the theme to match your specific storefront vision. Once you’re set to make your store public, you can purchase Affection to activate it on your storefront.


  • Visit the Shopify Theme Store and choose Affection.
  • Click Try theme to add the theme to your online store.
  • In your Shopify admin, click Online Store > Themes.
  • In the Theme library section, click the Customize button to open the theme editor or, to preview, use the … button to open the actions menu, then click Preview.

Buy Affection from Shopify Theme Store

After installing the Affection theme in your online store, you have the option to make a purchase. It’s essential to understand that only themes you’ve acquired can be published to your online storefront.

Furthermore, keep in mind that, according to the Shopify Terms of Service (section 9.4), themes are considered a single-use product for a single store account. Therefore, using the theme across multiple stores necessitates separate purchases to obtain the rights to use the theme on each individual store.


  • In your Shopify admin, click Online Store > Themes.
  • In the Theme library section, click Buy to begin the transaction.